Mayor Mark Hawke receives a lot of letters from constituents. He personally reads and keeps every letter. Additionally, he has been previously endorsed by Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, former U.S. Senator Scott Brown, former Massachusetts Senator Jennifer Flanagan, and Worcester County Sheriff, Lew Evangelidis.

What People Are Saying . . .

"I appreciate everything you do for the Summer Up program. The program helps so many children across the city."
-A Summer Up Employee

"We at Waterford Street School would like the thank you for attending our Horribles Parade. The interest you take in the children of this city is great and we do appreciate it."  -Waterford Street School PTO

"It is always heart-touching to hear you share your personal story with those who are helping and participating in the Alzheimer's Walk. Thank you for saying yes again this year."  -Paula Doucet

"I truly appreciate that you were able to make stopping in at the Cub Scout Pack 4 Blue & Gold Crossover Ceremony and for making us a priority in your busy schedule."  -T.A. Walker

"I want to thank you for taking the time to send me the pin and history of the City of Gardner and its well-know Patriot, Colonel Thomas Gardner. Thanks for supporting the service members of the Commonwealth, especially the soldiers, airmen and families of the Massachusetts National Guard." 
-Joseph C. Carter, Major General, MA NG, The Adjustment General

"I recently had the good fortune to participate in the Senior Work Off program and want to thank everyone in the City who played a part in making this available to seniors like me. Not only does this help those of us on limited incomes with our property taxes, but it also proves our city avlues the contributions our seniors are still able to make to the community."  -A Gardner Senior Citizen